Hadise Supernatural love mp3 indir, Hadise Fast Life albümünden Supernatural love indir

Hadise Supernatural love mp3 indir

Fast Life albüm kapağı
Sanatçı Hadise
Albüm Fast Life
Şarkı Supernatural love
Tarih 15 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba
Oy Ver
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Hadise Supernatural love Şarkı Sözü

Baby since I met you
I've been having close encounters of the purest kind
I don't need to tell you what I'm longing for
Cause baby you can read my mind
You touch me where I like it the most
Love me baby till I overdose
Your fingers on my body play a melody
I feel the rhythm down my spine 

And it's burning in my bones
One look of you and I lose control
And it's running through my vains
One shot of you makes me go insane 

This love is so supernatural
It makes me beg for more
This love is so supernatural
It's what I'm living for

I don't even have to ask ask ask
Will this love last last last 
I don't even have to ask ask ask
Will this love last last last 

This love I found got me so high
I don't know if I could be able to come down
You're my heaven you're my pill when I'm ill
I just breathe you and I feel alright
Your love is like the sweetest cure
You got me trippin but I still want more
Your fingers on my skin ooh
I love it when they're playing my favourite song 

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