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Otilia Wine My Body
Sanatçı Otilia
Albüm Wine My Body
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Tarih 29 Ekim 2017 Pazar
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So if you wanna break my heart
I’m sayἰng that move ain’t that smart
I’ll bite a little bit of you
To see now what you gonna do
You know I’m dangerously hot
Come show me what you got
And I can take you sweet paradise…
Just lemme wine my body..
Lemme bring you down down
Lemme bring you down
Lemme bring you down down
Down down down down down..
I am fire, Queen Latina
And they call me, Bella Reina
Think you know me but you don’t sweet boy
All the diamonds bring me joy
I can let you, touch my body
If you promise, to me naughty
We can dance, we can dream in the night
We can work it and do it so right

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